Advanced Training Course For
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)


Welcome to the advanced training for tDCS

This course is divided into three half hour sections for your convenience.

The first section covers the following: terminology, history , electrical stimulation, safety, challenges and regulatory bodies.

The second section covers the following: Mechanism of action, electrophysiology, treatment modalities, clinical studies and research.

The third section covers the device and usage, tDCS devices, comparisons, component accessories, and setup and instalation.

The course is written and orated by Nerida Saunders, Owner and director of the Brain, Mind and Memory Centre, and Director of Brain Care. Nerida is a past president and Fellow of The Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia and also a founding member and Fellow of The Australian Association of Psychologists.

Nerida has utilised tDCS in her PhD research with a cohort of PTSD clients. She also uses this treatment modality extensively in her clinical practice.

Although not included in the program due to the lack of research and supporting information, further protocols are available and can be requested at

Best wishes with the course and please contact me if you require or have further information.

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The course is copyrighted and under no circumstances is it to be copied or reproduced without the written permission of the author. Thank you for respecting this.