David Delight Pro Audiovisual Entrainment (AVE)

Brainwaves change frequencies based on neutral activity within the brain. Each of our senses (vision, touch, smell, taste and hearing) respond to activity from the environment and transmit that information to the brain. The senses of sight and hearing, by their very nature, provide a favorable mechanism to influence brainwaves. By presenting this pulsed audio and visual stimulation to the brain, after a short period of time, the brain begins to resonate, or entrain, at the same frequency as the stimulus.

With the DAVID devices, we can slow down the brainwaves for meditating, inducing dream states and improving sleep. The DAVID can also be used to speed up brainwaves to help with improving mood, enhancing mental performance and boosting creativity.


Brain Care have been using AVE products for many years and has found them to be robust and effective. They are a useful tool in therapeutic practice but can also be an useful tool for anyone. YouTube videos easily explain their use. They can be helpful for mood enhancement, meditation, brain brightening, energising, and also calming for peaceful sleep.

Customer Experiences with AVE:


Ryan (12) would get extremely agitated if he heard children yelling and screaming. After two sessions of AVE he was able to tolerate the sound of a young girl screaming in a kids play centre. Normally he would not even be able to go into a place like that.able to go into a place like that.


David was able to think more clearly after five session of tDCS. He bought his own machine after this experience.


Annie had post concussion syndrome (PCS) and could not cope with high pitch sounds and bright lights. After five sessions of AVE she was able to tolerate light and sound and also felt that her mood had improved dramatically. She was not as sensitive and was able to rationalise her life in a more constructive way. Her husband was more than pleased! He bought her her own AVE device.

David Delight Pro Audiovisual Entrainment (AVE)
David Delight Pro Audiovisual Entrainment (AVE)

Again and again we hear of the positive effects of this device.

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tDCS machine $AU620

AVE David Delight Pro (including multi coloured eyeset) $AU725

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