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When it comes to tDCS kits, not all are equal. If you are thinking of using a tDCS kit in your professional practice you want to make sure that the system you are using is a professional model.

At tDCS Braincare we are proud to be partnering with mindalive as the agents for Australasia for the Oasis Pro – a tDCS unit that we believe to be the safest and best therapeutic kit on the market.

Oasis Pro Benefits

Maintains the current density despite physiological changes that occur during treatment. (Such as perspiration, tension etc)

Can also come with sham function for research.

So what exactly is tDCS?

tDCS stands for trans Cranial Direct Current Stimulation and is a form of neurostimulation (also known as neuromodulation) where very low levels of constant current are delivered to specifically targeted areas of the brain, often producing profound results.
It was originally developed to help patients with brain injuries such as strokes, however tests on healthy adults demonstrated that tDCS can increase cognitive performance on a variety of tasks, depending on the area of the brain being stimulated.

tDCS is a powerful and proven, non-invasive, painless brain stimulation treatment that uses extremely mild direct electrical currents to stimulate specific regions of the brain.

This stimulation creates a reverse polarization or kicks into gear the region of the brain that’s been idling. The unit can also reduce anxiety by reducing brain activity by placing the cathode over a specific region.

The results that can be achieved for your clients are very impressive, it really is a tool (and only that) that I highly recommend to practitioners looking to maximize results for clients.

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When you purchase the OASIS Pro tDCS unit from tDCS Brain Care you will also receive a video based training presented by myself to the Australian Psychological Society. This is an hour-long video that will give you a greater insight into how you can use the tDCS Kit effectively within your practice.

This video is only available as a bonus or to be purchased separately for AUD $175. Postage is $70 for most items (as products are sent from Canada) if small items please enquire before ordering. There will be an additional advanced training video available for professionals in the near future available for purchase.

If you want to ask me any questions that are not answered or that you are unsure of before purchasing your TDCS kit from us please use the contact us page and I will be happy to answer any queries I can.

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