The tDCS Kit can be used to treat many different conditions.

Take Care Of Your Brain And Your Brain Will Take Care Of You – tDCS

Discover the power of tDCS for your practice. If you are a professional health practitioner or therapist, you will be able to use the tDCS within your therapeutic sessions.

A powerful and proven, non-invasive, painless brain stimulation treatment that uses direct electrical currents to stimulate specific parts of the brain. This stimulation creates a reverse polarization or kicks into gear the region of the brain that’s been idling. Or the unit can also reduce anxiety by reducing brain activity by placing cathode over a specific region.

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If you are a professional looking for the best for your practice, make sure to get professional tDCS kit. We only stock very specific and trusted unit.Benefit of Mind Alive tDCS unit:
Maintains the current density despite physiological changes that occur during treatment. (Such as perspiration, tension, etc.)Can also come with Sham function for research.

The tDCS Kit can be used to treat
many different conditions.

Here are a few of the common conditions treated with the tDCS unit.

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Free training with Leading
Psychologist Nerida Saunders

Nerida Saunders has been using tDCS successfully with clients for over 10 years. Nerida runs several successful practices and her clinic is leading the way through combining cutting edge neuroscience (by establishing a client’s brain function profile (BFP), tDCS units and traditional therapeutic practices to achieve lasting results with clients.

Nerida provides qualified practitioners and therapists with thorough Training when they purchase a tDCS unit through this website.

Nerida has also been the President of Applied Neuroscience Society Australasia and coaches practitioners on the best practice methods with tDCS
BA, Dip Ed, Grad Couns., MPhil., PhD Cand. Certified EMDR practitioner

Memberships: Fellow of Australian Association Physchologists, Fellow Of Applied Neuroscience Society Australasia, Associate Fellow of of BCIA (bio feedback certification international alliance)

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